MVS and the Olympics 2012 – London and Weymouth

Although members of MVS management have been meeting with both Police and Harbour authorities in London and Weymouth over the last 2 years, concrete plans have still to be finalised.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is responsible for preparing and staging the 2012 Games but so far it has made no firm offers of funds to the local authorities and Police to support the plans that are being developed. In both London and Weymouth, MVS cannot confirm its support without being sure that its expenses for members travelling costs, accommodation and subsistence and the costs of fuel and boats can be recovered.

In London, the Port of London Authority would be pleased to receive assistance from the MVS on the Thames with both marshalling and safety boats to direct visitors to berthing facilities etc, but plans have still not been finalised.

In Weymouth, Dorset Police have come up against a similar problem of the lack of confirmed funding.

A recent meeting between MVS and Weymouth Harbour Master confirmed that additional staff will be required to cover extra berthing duties. The current harbour craft are single-crewed and there is no additional money available from the Harbour Authority to employ temporary staff.

The Harbour Master would welcome MVS volunteers to assist both afloat and ashore. It would also be useful if units with RIBs and dories (that can be towed to Weymouth) could make them available with crew. There will be further meetings to explore the possibilities for MVS assistance during the period 7 July to 9 September 2012. We do not propose to offer vessels for operation outside the area of Weymouth and Portland harbours as these are Category D waters. The Solent Region fleet tender is currently for sale and although it is intended to replace her, we cannot be certain that a sea-going vessel would be available at the time of the Olympic events.

Regional planning teams and working groups are already in place and a National MVS Olympic Co-ordinator will be appointed. We will be seeking your support from every unit across the UK to enable the MVS to cover the duties in both London and Weymouth.

For further information please contact:

City of London HoU – Don Downer –

Weymouth – Regional Operations Officer Solent – Liz Glare –