New Drive on Fundraising



Perhaps you are already fundraising successfully for your unit; perhaps you would like to raise funds locally but are not sure of what to do or where to start; perhaps your unit has a special community project it has started and needs to fund; perhaps you just want to learn more about fundraising ?

Whatever your status or need, the national fundraising office needs to hear from you. We are putting together a group, forum, committee, call it what you will, to specifically look at the problems connected with fundraising for our organisation and to come up with solutions. We hope to share information, ideas and methods. We will also share successes and failures and offer support to others.  We are also looking for Area Fundraisers who will be the National Fundraiser’s representatives in your Area. We have a candidate for the South; do we have anyone for Central or the North?

It is intended that the Fundraising Pages will eventually be packed with information, links and ideas about where to raise funds and stage events and about your success stories (and pitfalls) when fundraising for the Maritime Volunteer Service.

Please bear with us whilst these pages are compiled; in the meantime you can contact Nigel Barrow the National Fundraising Manager by:

Writing to:

The National Fundraising Office

Maritime Volunteer Service

Unit 24, New harbour Road Central

Port of Poole

Poole, BH15 4AJ



 Calling or Texting: 07780 112548