VHF Radio Course

Billy Lamb, HoU MVS North Ayrshire Unit, is conducting a Radio Course on Saturday 22nd September.

Accomodation within the Sea Cadets Compound, Ardrossan, in both ladies and separate gents bunkhouse with showers is £12.50 per night. There is a mess hall which will have tea and coffee with biscuits. Breakfast is available in the ASDA store some 100 metres away. There are several restaurants and cafes near by. Train station in the harbour about 200metres from the compound. Course is £55 + £30 OFCOM license. Anyone interested please contact Billy on MVS FB or on Mob 07526225835. Travelling on Friday evening for the course on Saturday and if you wish, stay on Saturday evening and sail with North Ayrshire unit on Sunday morning, returning home on Sunday afternoon/evening. A £20 deposit is required to book the course. I run with a maximum of 9 pupils.


Billy also intends to hold a First Aid course within the next few weeks – limited to 9 persons.