MVS Membership Fees


At the latest National Council Meeting there was discussion on the fees charged to members of the MVS.

While it was hoped we could reduce the annual fee, it was decided that the current £40 fee would remain for the coming year.

Our List “S” members will still pay £15, but are reminded that they should not be involved in any afloat activities.

Council wishes to remind all members that the annual subscription falls on the 1st of April and membership will lapse if the fee is not paid by the 30th of April after which a penalty £5 levy will be enforced.

Tony Minns the Chair of Council noted that “We are actively looking at ways to reduce the cost of belonging to the MVS.

It is essential that we do not exclude anyone on financial grounds and I have asked Council to look at a variety of ways of easing the burden on member’s pockets.

We are pleased to say that in the times of rising prices we have maintained the fee at £40 for a number of years.

We are asking you for less than the cost of a pint of beer per week”.