MVS North Ayrshire helping Young People

Billy Lamb, HoU for North Ayrshire is an RYA assessor in First Aid and VHF Radio and has his own Shore Based Training Centre called  'Irvine Marine'. Where he offers training at much reduced costs to MVS volunteers and other maritime linked charities and organisations. In addition, he is also a Powerboat level 1 & 2 and Safety Boat instructor with some 200 hours experience.

In the past he has held a First Aid course for 3 MVS Volunteers during November 2011 (should have been 4, 1 called off sick), and a VHF Radio Course during March of this year for 4 MVS Volunteers + 1 who is joining April 1st.  His intention is to hold as many courses as possible or needed to give our volunteers certification as they progress through boat courses.


Helping Young People

The photograph below is one of Billy presenting certificates to young people from YIPWORLD Cumnock on the 6th March 2012 in the Dumfries Arms Hotel in Cumnock.   These young people are from various backgrounds and from a very socially deprived area.  YIPWORLD use their organisation to develop kids and show there is a big world out there and you can move on in life with a little guidance.
Having attended their presentation night and indeed presented some certificates, Billy found the organisation to be excellent and was delighted when YIPWORLD approached him and asked if it would be possible to show the kids the MVS boats and gear and to give a brief talk about the organisation. He decided to take them out on the RIBs first. When they arrived he gave them and the adults (there were 17 persons total) a safety briefing.  He dressed them in dry suits and life jackets and took them out (3 at a time with one adult and 2 MVS Volunteers) – out of the harbour entrance about 2 hundred metres into the waves and then surfed back in on a wave.  Inside the breakwater, each had a turn on the wheel at around 25 knots! Rest assured Billy was linked to the kill cord at all times.
The report from ZIPWORLD was; 'That was the best experience the kids have ever had on an external visit'.  The age group was 14 to 16 years and he has been requested to do the same again this year for a new group!
Having been asked by YIPWORLD if he could give the kids something in recognition of their day, Billy went the extra mile and printed a certificate for each youth and adult stating they had been given an appreciation of driving a RIB.
With YIPWORLD everything the kids do is recognised by something to mark their achievement and Billy presented the certificates on behalf of the MVS in front of various dignitaries including; Members of Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament, Provosts (Mayor), School Head teachers, Industry Directors and some 350 others. So that is some 350 or more people who know about the MVS!
Billy is typical of the people that join the MVS wanting to help their local community and our sincere congratulations go to him for this significant achievement.
If you wish to find out more about YIPWORLD, you'll find find them at or contact Billy Lamb to learn more about the excellent work being done by his unit.