MVS North Ayrshire takes part in HMS Dasher Memorial Service

On the afternoon of Saturday 27 March 1943, the Royal Navy Avenger class aircraft carrier HMS Dasher (D37) was sailing in the Clyde Estuary between Ardrossan and Arran. At 4.40 pm, there was an enormous internal explosion and within a short time, the ship sank. Of the 528 men on board, 379 were killed by the blast or drowned.


HMS Dasher began life in 1941 as the Pennsylvania-built merchant ship, Rio de Janeiro, before being converted and sold to the Royal Navy

On Saturday 24th March 2012 the MVS North Ayrshire Unit and their RIB VSV Foundation took part in the HMS Dasher Memorial Service.  In company with the CalMac Ferry Caledonian Isles and the present HMS Dasher (P280), MVS RIB left Ardrossan Harbour.  After overtaking the ferry, the MVS vessel caught up with the current HMS Dasher, she an Archer-class P2000-type patrol vessel currently part of the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron at HMNB Clyde.

The MVS vessel then continued in her company to the position 55 degrees 37.747N  005 degrees 00.953W where the wreck of HMS Dasher lies in about 600 feet of water.

There the three vessels stopped and a service of remembrance was conducted from the Caledonian Isles, who carried relatives and Royal Legion members.  The Sea Cadets piped “Still” and a Piper played a lament.  The service was conducted from the ferry by a Royal Navy Padre with wreaths and flowers being cast onto the sea 

We then all parted company, Caledonian Isles continuing to the Isle of Arran, HMS Dasher onto a patrol and VSV Foundation back to her berth in Clyde Marina, Ardrossan