Phoenix Rising

The 4th of July is famous all over the world as Independence Day in the USA. However in the Caledonia Hotel on Newcastle’s Osborne Road, 10 new members of the MVS had other things to celebrate.

On Wednesday evening 10 prospective members for the new MVS Northumbria meet up to receive an introduction to the Maritime Volunteer Service from AVO Chris Todd and some local history and plans from our National PR Officer Keith Newman.

The story must have been a good one as all decided to join the reopened Unit based on the River Tyne. Their inaugural meeting followed with Nigel Campbell being elected as Head of Unit, “Wow” commented Nigel “I only made Mate during my Merchant Navy career”. The group also elected Jimi Tubman, who had confessed to previous management committee appointments as the Unit’s Secretary and Treasurer.
Coming from a wide background and with a wealth of experience in all fields the Units looks forward to getting under way and taking delivery of the Delta RIB coming up from Humber Unit.
Keith noted “This is a great start to the new Unit; we had apologies from three other people who just could not make tonight and one of those is already filling in their application”.
“The new MVS Northumbria has chosen it’s name to reflect the wide area from which they are bringing in the volunteers” added Chris “I am really pleased to report that tasks are already waiting for the Unit as soon as they are on the water. It helped to have a great venue to hold this first meeting”.