Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012 in Liverpool

In recognition of the recent award of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012, Councillor Sharon Sullivan Lord Mayor of Liverpool invited the local MVS to meet her for tea in Mayor’s Parlour at Liverpool Town Hall.

So on Thursday 20th December a delegation lead by Chair of Council Elyfn Hughes trudged through the rain to meet Councillor Sullivan at the Dale Street Town Hall. Fittingly the group represented all the Units in the North Wales, North West and Mersey Valley regions. Our Members also included one brand new member who will transfer to the Manchester Unit when it opens early in 2013.

Councillor Sullivan has a great affinity with the sea as her husband served for many years in the Merchant Navy.

After tea was taken discussions centred on how the MVS could help the local community by introducing ‘Project Victor’ (the scheme developed by Mersey Unit to introduce young people to the sea), to the riverside wards in Liverpool

“It was an honour for the local MVS to be invited by the Lord Mayor and helped to put that little bit extra towards the great award the MVS has received” commented Elfyn, “ I look forward to being invited back to see Project Victor underway”


‘Photos courtesy of Liverpool Echo’

Photo shows the MVS and the Lord Mayor on the grand staircase at the town hall.