Gosport MVS Sail On

In what’s believed to be a first for the MVS, the Gosport Unit have chartered a 40ft Jenneue Sun Odyssey yacht for a trip around the Isle of Wight.

The intention was to put into practice previous training in seamanship and navigation gained in their harbour launch and RIB.

The crew left Whale Island in Portsmouth Harbour under power before entering the swash way and hoisting main and foresail.  

Head of unit Stuart Harrison said that the weekend was a great success as the unit worked together to learn how to handle a large cruising yacht under fair conditions.

Since then, the Unit has completed another weekend in the yacht, under different weather conditions, with a fast passage from Cowes to Gillkicker, using the Thorn Channel.

Despite the considerable physical difference of handling a large yacht compared with a motor launch, the Gosport Unit has successfully increased its breadth of experience and teamwork.

The unit is now working on its next project which will see the crew setting sail to the Channel Islands.

Gosport MVS