20th Anniversary Dinner Moves Closer

There are just a couple of months left to get your tickets for the big 20th anniversary celebration for the MVS.

The service was formed on the 1st April 1994 following the disbanding of the RNXS.

The anniversary dinner will be held on the 12th April 2014 and will be a unique opportunity to celebrate our achievements with friends and family.
The event will take place at The Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth where accommodation is being offered to our members at a discounted rate.

Could all HoU’s let the organiser Paul Marlow know how many of their unit will be attending as soon as possible, as he would like a single point of contact per unit.

If you need more information about the event contact Paul.

Mob: 07809 068257
Email: paul-marlow@sky.com

You can find full details here.

Closing Date is March 1st, so please act now.

The Royal Maritime Club