Obituary: Alastair Cochrane-Dyet

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr Alastair Cochrane-Dyet.
Alastair died on Friday 10th January after his car collided with another vehicle on the A90 north of Dundee.
He was a founder member and signatory to the original articles and memorandum which founded the Maritime Volunteer Service in 1994.

Alastair, who was 85, was a well-known figure on Tayside, serving as a councillor in Dundee and being involved in several community groups.
He had a career in the Merchant Navy and then the British Colonial Police which took him all over the world.

His daughter Fiona Walthall, who lives in Broughty Ferry said: “He lived a very interesting life and in his retirement threw himself into work for the community.
Even on his last day, on Friday, he was working for the Red Cross and had travelled to the SSPCA unit at Petterden to give them newspapers for their animal bedding.
He was a very kind man.”

MVS Chairman Elfyn Hughes said: “Alastair’s death is a great loss to his family, his community and the many organisations for which he worked tirelessly.
In this, our twentieth year, it befits us to remember that without Alastair and the other members whose vision and foresight founded the MVS, the charity would never have existed.
It is up to us to carry on the work that he, and they started.”

He is survived by his two children and one granddaughter.
Our thoughts are with them and all who knew Alastair.