Changing Lives with the MVS

At the MVS we often talk about how we change the lives of communities and individuals who live in our areas.

The story of Brian Stubbles from our Lower Thames unit is a great example of what we do.
Brian is paralysed from the waist down and in a wheelchair and is a keen serving member of the unit.
Brian goes afloat and takes part in everything with the help of his MVS friends.

He told us about his MVS journey.

“I was approached by Robert Woodhouse a very good friend of mine to come with him to Gravesend one evening as he wanted to ask me if I was interested in being one of the first entrants into a new unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

I thought that Press Gangs were a thing of the past but they were alive and well because I found not only was I a member of Lower Thames, I was placed as Unit Secretary as well.

I have always liked ships and boats and the sea, and found I was learning from the other members about maritime workings as well as enjoying learning skills and improving my knowledge of nautical skills.
Since joining I’ve gained my VHF license, a must for shore support duties, my Powerboat 2 license, and am sitting my Day Skippers Course.
So if I can achieve this so can anybody”

If you have any stories of the way the MVS has changed lives in your community then e-mail the National Communications Manager John Spencer-Barnes.

MVS Lower Thames