100 Not Out


After raising a toast to the Immortal Memory at MVS Menai Bridge, students from Bangor University School of Ocean Science and members of the MVS congratulated three senior members on their Long Service medals.

Michael Thompson (former RVO North Wales & Hon. Vice-President, MVS), Hilary Hunt (former HoU, MVS Menai Bridge) and Alan Hughes (HoU, MVS Menai Bridge), are all veterans of the RNXS and founder members of the MVS.

The trio have clocked up over a century of combined public voluntary service.

Deputy Head of Unit Robert Hughes-Mullock said “In presenting these Long Service medals, we impress upon our student members the value of public service and the outstanding contribution our members have made to the MVS, but also to our community in North Wales”.

MVS Menai Bridge

Picture: Mike Thompson, Hilary Hunt & Alan Hughes from Menai Bridge with their Long Service medals.