Link with the past for MVS Severn

Link with the past for MVS Severn

For their first meeting in March, the Tewkesbury based Severn Unit held an evening when they welcomed local historian and author Tony Conder who is the ex-curator of the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester.

Tony gave an illustrated talk about the early years of river trade when the old sailing ships and barges plied up and down the Severn and he explained how Gloucester Docks and the Sharpness Canal were built.

The Unit was also pleased to welcome Paul Cronin, Volunteer Director of the Avon Navigation Trust along with other guests including the Head of the Bristol Unit Bob Gidden.

Picture: Nic Price Head of Severn Unit, Tony Conder Speaker, Paul Cronin Volunteer Director of Avon Navigation Trust and Jane Thomas Deputy Head of Severn Unit.

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