MVS aids the Round the Island Race


This year, MVS Portsmouth were asked to provide two boats to marshal the round the island race, Arkwright and Sea Mist.

The Solent was already very busy as the boats took up their position.

The leading boats were already on the home straight sailing past Ryde, so Sea Mist made her way round towards Sandown Bay whilst Arkwright went in search of the race control boat, Twin Wakes.

No sooner had the crew of Arkwright left Twin Wakes they spotted a racing catamaran capsize in front of them.

Before Arkwright managed to get close it managed to right itself and continue sailing, but

Arkwright’s crew wanted to make sure that the crew were okay before standing down.

With the Catamaran now upright, Arkwright’s crew spotted one person from the catamaran in the water.

The boat was quickly brought alongside and they were helped aboard.

After a quick check over to make sure that he was uninjured, he was reunited with his catamaran to continue his race.

As the majority of the yachts were heading towards Bembridge Ledge, the crew of Arkwright heard a pan-pan call over channel 16.

One of the competing yachts had lost its rudder and was requiring assistance.

With most of the lifeboats busy dealing with various other mayday & pan-pan calls, Arkwright’s crew once again offered their assistance.

As the crew were sailing through the middle of the fleet trying to spot the boat they received a call via radio that they had managed to repair their rudder and continue sailing.

With the final boat on the home straight, both MVS crews were stood down. Arkwright collected the crew of Sea Mist from their mooring, before heading back towards Whale Island and Arkwright’s mooring.

MVS Portsmouth