MVS Members Train on the Thames Estuary


Members from the City of London and Lower Thames units have been on a trip to the Thames Estuary to practise their maritime skills.

After changing into waterproof clothing and putting on their lifejackets the team boarded a small inflatable boat at Thurrock Yacht Club and travelled to the Covina, a 30 foot twin diesel engine cruiser.

Along the route the team used charts and buoy markers to measure their progress, to ensure they didn’t venture into the deep water channels where the larger vessels travelled.

The crew all had the opportunity to take the helm and City of London volunteer Melissa Goulton practised manoeuvring alongside another vessel.

MVS members who took part in the training were Rodney Morgan, John Boran, Melissa Goulton, Michael Hegarty and Peter Brown.

MVS City of London

MVS Lower Thames