New MVS Fleetwood Unit is about to become a reality


The Port of Manchester Unit has been in Lancashire at the annual Knott End Gala.

Knott End is the other side of the Wyre Estuary from the old port of Fleetwood and proved a good opportunity to meet up with Graeme Hall and Tony Coleman who are heading up our new unit in the town.

Fleetwood is also the home to one of the UK’s leading nautical colleges.

During the day we met new recruits and were also pleased to introduce the MVS to Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith who enjoyed wearing Chris Todd’s hat!

Cat later tweeted that she would join the MVS if she could have a hat of her own.

Volunteer Officer of the Fleetwood Unit Tony Coleman said, “We had a great day. Contacts were made with the local Coastguard Rescue Teams as well as Lancashire Fire and Rescue, but to meet our local MP and discuss the work of the MVS in such a proactive way was a real highlight.