MVS Fleetwood patrol Windermere with Lake Wardens


Members of the new MVS Fleetwood Unit have travelled to Windermere in Cumbria where they spent the day with the Lake Wardens on board their new patrol vessel.

The day started with an introduction to the boat house followed by the recovery of a boat that had broken free from its mooring.
After returning the boat and replacing some shackles, the next task was to retrieve a race marker that had washed up ashore further south.

Later in the day another vessel waved for assistance.
Once it was determined that they had broken down, the patrol boat was used to tow the troubled vessel back to the safety of the marina.
Under tow, the emergency lights were in use but a towing speed limit of 6 knots had to be observed.

You can find out more about the Windermere Lake Wardens here.
Windermere Lake Wardens