MVS Rushden Blow Out the Christmas Cobwebs


In what is fast emerging as a Christmas tradition with MVS Rushden, the unit embarked on their annual “Blow Out the Christmas Cobwebs’” mini-exercise, which was held between Christmas and New Year.

Last year the unit went micro-navigating in the pouring rain and mist over Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

This year they were patrolling the River Nene in the late afternoon twilight, fog and cold as they practised operating the electric lock-gates on the stretch of the navigable river around Oundle in East Northamptonshire.

The unit practised rapid deployment of their Rigiflex and Rescue Inflatable and were also keen to see if Roy (the new Deputy RVO) could squeeze into his responder suit and associated kit/equipment in less than 10 minutes without suffering a hernia.
All objectives were thankfully accomplished admirably.