MVS Appoints New Senior Officers

New_Officers_ April_ 2017

The MVS has appointed two new senior officers to fill major roles within the organisation.

The new Chief Volunteer Officer is Steve Poole.
Steve is a former Merchant Navy Master Mariner and is a very keen practitioner of safety culture.
He is based in the Southampton area.

George King is the new AVO (North) and takes responsibility for our units in the north of England and Scotland.
George is a former Royal Navy man who is now a business consultant.
He is based in the Newcastle area.

The pair have attended their first management meeting which was held at HMS Calliope, the home of the local Royal Naval Reserve Unit which is based on the Tyne in Gateshead.

Picture: Steve Poole and George King with their predecessors Lynn Peppitt and Chris Todd in the wardroom at HMS Calliope in Gateshead.