MVS Members Support Multi-Agency Exercise


Three members of MVS Port of Manchester have taken part in a multi-agency training exercise.
The members acted as passengers aboard the vessel for Exercise Snowdrop, which tested the emergency services’ response to a boat on the Manchester Ship Canal which had suffered an engine room fire.

Acting Deputy Head of unit Anthony Bonney said, “It was a fantastic day seeing the various emergency services at work together.
We departed Latchford lock and made our way towards Manchester.
At Barton locks we were alerted to an emergency and the crew ushered us towards the front of the vessel away from the smoke for safety.
When we arrived at the berth, emergency services were already on scene and we were then taken to an emergency shelter point”.

While the MVS is not an emergency service of any kind, we welcome opportunities like this to observe the professionals at work and pick up new skills, whilst also being useful to the wider community.