New Head of Unit at MVS Northumbria takes over on Merchant Navy Day


Paul Casson is taking over the helm at MVS Northumbria from Angela Carrington who has built up the unit’s good reputation within the maritime community during the last four years.

“I’m delighted that the unit is in such good hands with Paul’s leadership and I look forward to supporting him in the coming months and years,” said Angela.

Paul brings with him many skills including his knowledge of engineering and personal qualifications in power boating and communications.
He has previously worked with the Sea Cadets and is also a keen sea kayaker and he occasionally sails.

“It’s appropriate that my appointment comes on Merchant Navy Day,” said Paul.
“The MVS proudly flies the Merchant Navy red ensign with our crest on both our vessels.
Even though we are a very small part of the UK’s merchant fleet we are all proud of the sacrifices given in two world wars and beyond by the men and women of our Merchant Navy.”