Testing River Exercise for MVS Severn


MVS members In Tewkesbury have been testing their skills in finding injured people on the River Avon.

During “Exercise Grouse”, members were tasked with locating and checking one of their cruisers which had been hidden up the river, north of Tewkesbury.
A party then had to search the surrounding river banks and fields to find two hidden bodies, one of which was under an upturned dinghy in the river.
There was also a live casualty who simulated injuries and was also suffering from hypothermia and required first aid.

HOU Nic Price said, “The exercise incorporated all the unit boats and tested our skills in VHF, Boat Handling, Search & Rescue, Towing and First Aid.”

Pictured:  Severn Unit helping casualty Simon Culley into one of the Unit’s boats after being found in a field supposedly injured and suffering from hypothermia.

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