Gigantic Success for MVS in Liverpool

The Fleetwood and Port of Manchester units were invited back to Liverpool to work alongside the ‘Liverpool Dream Team’ as they brought Giants to the City, courtesy of the French Performing Arts Company, Royal de Luxe.
Thousands of spectators lined the streets as the huge puppets strode through the city in a street theatre festival.
The over-sized marionettes had returned for a third and final time after previous visits in 2012 and 2014 attracted six-figure audiences and led to millions of pounds spent locally.
It’s estimated that in excess of 1.4 million people visited Liverpool to see the giants in their final appearance in the city.
The majority made their way to the Albert Dock area to watch the spectacle unfold on land and water.
Countless people saw MVS Tom Hale, her ensign flying, looking out for the safety of those on and near the water.
Our crews escorted “The Little Boy Giant” on his final journey, floating on a shoe towards the river, never to return to our shores again.
The MVS was recognised by the police river patrol who requested our support as the little giant and his entourage made their way through the docks in company with a flotilla of small craft, white swans and their riders.
Conditions were challenging and waterborne units from all agencies were stretched to the limit during the event.
Photo: Adam Swires piloting MVS Tom Hale in Canning Dock as Andy Robinson observes the surroundings.
The Little Giant is behind hiding in the smoke.