Severn Unit Rescues Stricken Yacht from Flood


When it was reported that a yacht had been washed down the flooded River Avon at Tewkesbury and was stuck fast under a bridge, Severn Unit was called out to see if they could help.

Head of Unit Nic Price said, “The yacht was on its side in the middle of the very swollen river after its mast got caught under the bailey bridge at Tewkesbury leaving it in a very dangerous and awkward position.

The boat had obviously floated off from the local sailing club when the river level rose so quickly overnight and it was still attached to its heavy trailer”.

The unit deployed its Rigiflex dinghy with MVS crew members Russ Davidson and David Wilson who got a long rope attached to it and eventually managed to free the boat and right it.

Working with staff from the Avon Navigation Trust and Tewkesbury Marina, other members of Severn Unit were able to pull the yacht and trailer to safety and make it fast for collection by the owners”.