More Waste Recovery for MVS East Sussex


Members of the East Sussex unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service have carried out their first operation of the year to transport 30 large builders’ bags full of plastic debris from inaccessible rocks below Beachy Head to Sovereign Harbour for proper disposal.
The plastic rubbish was taken aboard East Sussex 1 and after being landed at Sovereign Harbour, was taken away for disposal the next day.

The plastic had been washed up by the sea over the last 40 or more years and built up in layers, despoiling this beautiful stretch of coastline and putting wildlife at risk.

In August and September last year East Sussex 1 took some five tons of plastic away for disposal ashore.

The head of unit, Greg Darby, said: “We are very happy to continue to support this very important project.
I am proud of the excellent seamanship skills and teamwork shown by our crew and of the support of the whole unit during the clear-up operation.
I’m also happy to say that we’re expecting to resume our youth group programme shortly, both taking youngsters and their leaders out on East Sussex 1 and also providing them with small boat training in the harbour.”