New Book from MVS Children’s Author warns of River Danger


MVS member and children’s author, Sarah Ebarhart has launched her new book ‘Blue Light’ to highlight the dangers of children swimming in the river.

Sarah, who is a member of the Kingston Unit has used her experiences to provide inspiration for the book which is centred on the adventures of the boat ‘Blue Light’ and its crew.

The book has been launched to coincide with National Drowning Prevention Week and is aimed at children around age 6-7 years old.

Sarah said, “I am keen to get across the message that the volunteers are approachable and aim to keep everyone safe whilst on and around the water.”

Steve Collins, Head of Kingston MVS said: “The Kingston Unit is there to provide ‘eyes along the river’ and to be a calming and visible influence along the Kingston stretch of the River Thames.”

As well as selling the books through Amazon, copies are being donated to primary schools in Kingston-upon-Thames to help raise awareness of the potential dangers of the river.