Kingston members respond to Mayday


Four members of the Kingston MVS Unit found themselves being called to action to assist with a Mayday relay call from Solent Coastguard while spending a day pleasure boating on the south coast.

The relay call was from a yellow RIB with four persons on board which was taking on water and sinking 500 to 1000 metres off Brighton.
Coastguard advised to be on the lookout for four persons in the water.

Given their boat’s capabilities which was about 40 knots, the group agreed to respond and offer their assistance to the Coastguard.
The stricken RIB was spotted after the group passed Newhaven, it was over eight miles from where the Coastguard said it was.

The RIB had suffered engine trouble and had started to take on water.
They had estimated their position, but due to not being familiar with the location, gave their location as Brighton, when in fact they were nearer to Newhaven.
HM Coastguard agreed that the RIB should be escorted safely back to the nearest port and to ring them once safely berthed.

Skipper and the trip’s organiser Sarah Ebarhart said: “We had no idea if we would be able to find them, especially given that they had no radio on-board to update us with their position.
The crew did not look prepared or skilled enough to handle the boat”.

Sarah commended her fellow crew members for their excellent teamwork, communication skills and calm attitude whilst under pressure.

Picture: The stricken RIB is escorted to Newhaven.