Major Charitable Trust Sponsors MVS


We have some major news this morning on the future of the MVS.
We are happy to announce a significant sponsorship deal which will be a real game-changer for the service.

The Maritime Volunteer Service is delighted that the Caledonia Investments Charitable Foundation has agreed to sponsor the MVS for the next three years.
The Caledonia Foundation is providing £75,000 a year to enable the MVS to significantly expand and improve its capabilities as both a training and community support organisation.

In the first year there will be an emphasis on assisting MVS Units around the UK to recover financially from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as well as developing an in-house RYA power boat training capability and maintaining the charity’s larger national training vessels.
A programme will also be established to instruct MVS volunteers in basic flood response skills.

In the following two years there will be a focus on expanding a pool of instructors in the wide range of skills the charity requires and supporting members to acquire the skills they need to carry out their operations.

Caledonia Investments plc is a self-managed investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange.
The Caledonia Foundation is Caledonia’s source of charitable giving, and is funded by Caledonia Investments, together with other contributions, including those from its largest shareholder the Cayzer Trust Company, which is connected to the Cayzer family.
The Cayzers were formerly prominent shipowners and remain proud of their maritime heritage and are particularly attracted to the work of the MVS because of its maritime focus.
Caledonia Investments has also offered to make its central London office available for hosting events, including this year’s MVS AGM.

The chairman of the Caledonia Foundation, Jamie Cayzer-Colvin said: “The Maritime Volunteer Service is one of those nationwide charities that touch so many people in so many ways but often without them being aware.
The allure of all things nautical is deeply rooted in our history; therefore, as an organisation, whose formative years were closely connected with the maritime industry, the Caledonia Foundation is delighted to be able to support such a well deserving organisation at such a critical time.

MVS chair David Hughes said: “This will be game changing for our charity, enabling us to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and move our operation to a much higher level.
The financial support will be crucial for the implementation of our long-term business plan but the Caledonia Foundation’s sponsorship of the MVS is also a clear signal that we have been recognised as a charity that contributes to communities around the UK and that its activities deserve support.
We are very grateful for this sponsorship.”

Photo: Jamie Cayzer-Colvin and David Hughes