Busy Autumn for Severn Unit


October was a busy month for the Tewkesbury based Severn Unit as they were called out to assist two different types of boats.

Early in the month they went to the aid of a 55ft narrowboat which was visiting the Avon and was on her return trip to Sharpness when she broke down near the Worcestershire village of Bredon.
On one of the wettest afternoons of the year, members of the unit located the boat tied to a bush in a field and successfully towed the vessel to a safe mooring down river at Twyning to await an engineer.

A week later, the Unit towed a 10-ton classic 1960’s 32ft Rampart Motor Yacht from Tewkesbury to Upton upon Severn.
The boat ‘Doncella’ had engine problems and couldn’t make the journey under her own propulsion.

Head of Unit Nic Price said, “This was a very involved and difficult tow as we had to manoeuvre the boat under the small King John’s Bridge and then through Avon Lock.
Minerva was used as the escort and safety boat for the trip to ensure safe passage from the Avon and up the Severn to Upton Marina.”

Picture: Classic Rampart Motor Yacht Doncella in Avon Lock before being towed up the Severn.