Easter Emergency for Severn Unit


The Severn Unit were called out just before Easter by the Avon Navigation Trust to help when heavy rain in the catchment areas of the Avon and Severn in the Tewkesbury area caused flooding and navigation problems for other river users.
King John’s Bridge had become blocked by tons of logs, trees, and other flood debris.

Head of Unit Nic Price said, ” After several hours of hard work our unit members managed to clear the debris away.
They also laid a series of buoys to mark the position of underwater obstructions including large branches from a tree that had been washed down in one of the previous floods and was half submerged in a particularly dangerous place near the bridge.

“It was lovely to be thanked for our work by the Navigation Authority for attending the incidents at very short notice and keeping the river clear for boats to pass through the bridge safely when navigation re-opened for the Easter holiday.”