Overnight Training Voyage for MVS Members


On a calm evening the MVS national training vessel East Sussex 1 departed Sovereign Harbour for an overnight training trip with members of two south coast units aboard.

A passage at sea duration of 13 hours meant that the crew could experience a proper seagoing cycle of watchkeeping and sleep sessions.
The watchkeeping experience was valuable learning for some recently joined members.

The chosen route took the vessel out as far as the shipping lanes with a return past Shoreham, Brighton, Newhaven and Beachy Head.
The crew undertook look-out and helming duties along with practising coastal and offshore navigation and collision avoidance.

One highlight for those on watch at the time was a perfect crescent moonrise above a clear horizon over a rippled sea, about an hour before sunrise.
Very rarely do conditions come together so well to produce such a spectacle.

Another overnight trip is planned for Friday 24th May.
An email has already been circulated to all members.
Spaces are still available so, if you haven’t already done so, contact Greg Darby, HoU ESSH unit if you’d like to attend.