MVS Fleetwood

Unit Information

Fleetwood is the newest unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service. The unit officially launched on November 1st 2016 with the first meeting being on Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

At our unit we are currently working hard on fundraising and recruitment to grow ahead of the summer season.  We have a rigid raider boat and access to other small vessels to train out on the water in the Wyre Estuary.

Our meetings are held weekly on Thursday’s from 19:00 at Fleetwood Community Fire Station.

To find out more about Fleetwood MVS please contact RVO Alexander Rodgers on 07864 527 213 or email us at



Unit Address

Fleetwood Community Fire Station
Radcliffe Road
Fleetwood FY7 6UJ
United Kingdom

Unit Contact

Phone: 07864527213