A normally quiet stretch of the River Avon just below Twyning was the scene of great activity at the end of July when Tewkesbury based Severn Unit Maritime Volunteer Service took part in “Exercise Broker”.


This was a surprise exercise cleverly devised by Head of Seamanship Tim Huckvale from Northway.   He mocked up a fire in an inflatable dinghy and Rob Carr took the part of the victim who had supposedly suffered a seriously burnt arm and was last sighted wandering in a North Easterly direction across the fields away from the dinghy.   Tim Huckvale said “A total of six boats took part and unit members had to find the damaged dinghy, form themselves into a land search team, go ashore by dinghies to find the casualty, deal with the injury and somehow get him aboard a rescue boat before themselves returning to  boats waiting for them in the middle of the river”.


Head of Unit Nic Price said “This was an extensive exercise which incorporated many of the aspects of training the members had been doing during the past few months.”  He added “This was the first time the Unit had devised an exercise ourselves having taken part previously in larger exercises at Avonmouth Docks and with the Fire and Police Services in various local Counties.   It was extremely successful and tested members’ skills in Boat Handling, VHF, First Aid and Map Reading.”