Call for forces veterans to be part of the MVS

Call for forces veterans

Since the MVS has a Royal Navy background, we have a strong sense of association with those who have served in all of Her Majesty’s Forces.

The MVS was founded upon the disbandment of the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service in 1994 by members of the RNXS who felt there was still a need for a volunteer maritime service.

Today the MVS is happy to reach out to veterans and encourage them into our unique organisation.

This week Chris Todd our Area Officer in the North met with Margi Butler the Lead for Armed Forces and Offender Health, at the Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group offices to explore building bridges and signposting the MVS.

Chris says that, “With a small local start in the north west we hope to expand this initiative nationally”.

If you are a veteran, please contact us and talk to us about how you can make a difference in communities all around the UK.