Mad for it in Manchester

Mad for it in Manchester

Manchester has a remarkable history when it comes to the music industry, from The Hollies and The Bee Gees to The Smiths, New Order and Oasis.

Manchester became known as ‘Madchester’.

In 2015 the city is still at the centre of the industry and continues to be a magnet for music fans.

A new Manchester band The Mantells recently contacted the Port of Manchester unit through social media and asked for help in producing a video for their new single, ‘Payday Playboy’.

The plan was that the video would contain a number of scenes shot on the canal, so the band would need a boat for filming.

The unit was happy to help and member Anthony Bonney ended up with a starring role in the video.

Port of Manchester now has an invite to the launch party for the single which will be available soon on iTunes on June 1st.

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