Logging on the Severn


On a freezing cold and foggy January afternoon the Tewkesbury based Severn Unit answered a call from Avon Lock Keeper Nicola Lancaster to try and clear some large logs, roots and trees that were causing problems on the river in that area.

H​OU​ Nic Price said, “With the recent floods during the Christmas period a lot of debris had floated downstream and was causing navigation problems.
We managed to dislodge some heavy tree roots that were stuck behind the lock gate and tow these through the lock so they were no longer a hazard to navigation.
We also made fast some very large trees that were in the river so that the Avon Navigation Trust can come and take them away.”

Picture: Severn Unit’s Rigiflex with Chris Adcock on the helm and crew member Mick Howard clearing a large lump of tree roots from behind Avon Lock gates.