Brighton Training Trip for East Sussex 1


The MVS’s national training vessel East Sussex 1 which is based at Eastbourne made a training trip to Brighton at the start of September.

On passage to Brighton, ES1’s crew spotted and recovered an unusual looking object from the sea.
It turned out to be very faded large birthday balloon, in the shape of a 2 which would have otherwise continued to form part of the huge volume of plastic waste now floating on the oceans.
On a more positive environmental note a dolphin was spotted surfacing close to ES1’s bow not far off the coast.

ES1, which is well equipped with sleeping accommodation and a galley, stayed overnight in Brighton Marina before sailing for home.
The seven East Sussex Sovereign Harbour members on board also took the opportunity to deploy the Unit’s newly acquired Jason’s Cradle man overboard recovery system both at Brighton Marina and at sea.

Photo: Colin Bowdery