Easter Ducks return to Salford Quays.


The MVS has a history of working with the charity MediEquip4Kids at their Easter Duck Race on the Mariner’s Canal section of Salford Quays but this year they faced a bit of a challenge.

“We thought it may be a struggle to get the ducks to race down a stretch of tide less canal” said HoU Humber Shayne Arnold, “but we relied on local knowledge and were pleased to see Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue preparing a couple of lines of hose ‘just in case’.

The crew along with HQ staff were soon working hard to set out the start and finish lines on the canal and then trying to keep several hundred small plastic ducks in their places for the start.

With fine weather and a light breeze the whole event went off successfully and just to show willing the fire hoses were turned on to chase the ducks down the canal.

It was a good day for the charity which raised over ten thousand pounds at the event.