Severn Unit aids with Local Flooding


When the June floods hit Tewkesbury after a week of almost incessant rain, both the Avon and Severn river levels rose sharply and put the area on flood alert.
When five narrowboats sought refuge at Avon Lock, Severn Unit had been closely monitoring the situation and was on hand to assist the lock keeper and the Avon Navigation Trust.

With both rivers still rising, Wendy and Steve Pearce with their dog Zak, who were on holiday and heading for Sharpness, decided to leave their boat at Tewkesbury and go home.
MVS members used one of their boats to evacuate them and get them ashore.

HOU Nic Price said, “We were pleased that the unit were able to give assistance to these visitors.
As well as helping Zak and his family we have also taken other people ashore for shopping trips, and another boat dog Minnie was grateful for a boat ride to dry land.
We have also been on a number of river patrols checking that there are no problems with any of the moored boats along the river.”