Severn Unit go behind the Iron Curtain


Severn Unit is continuing with its season of show and tell evenings where members have the opportunity to bring items to meetings and explain all about them.
In their latest event they had the chance to find out about life behind the Iron Curtain.

HOU Nic Price said “member Guy Brady was the speaker this week and he brought along an array of memorabilia and photographs concerning his late father Major Tony Brady who died in 2014.
Major Brady served in the Irish Guards as a sniper in the Second World War then served in Korea and Cyprus and then in Brixmis during the Cold War years.
Brixmis was a military liaison mission which operated behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany and Guy recalled what life was like for him and his two older brothers living there with their parents during that time.”

The talk gave an insight into his father’s experiences during that period and then afterwards how he became an archivist for the Irish Guards and made friends with a former enemy General Von Rosen who was able to provide an insight into German records from that time.
Among other awards Major Brady was proud to be given the Legion d Honneur which is the highest French Order of Merit to be awarded.
He also produced a section of a German Tiger tank track his Father had recovered from a field in France.